Farrier was here last night….

the foot he is lame on has an active abcess….

all four feet have multiple sole lession scars from previous abcesses….

the field he was in for two years is, at best, a damp field….

Farrier said his feet felt more like bars of soap than hooves….result of the constant wetness he has been in for years.

He just has to grow new hooves all around….going to begin a regimen of spraying soles with iodine and going to start him on a hoof supplement. I don’t know if that will help but it most likely can not hurt.

he is already walking better every day and is now pretty much sound on three feet and the one with the active abcess has opened itself….he has been improving daily since he has been here.

he is learning his new name and nickers loudly in the evenings when it is feeding time…..

I let him out in the yard to feed him to aleviate interference with meals from the brush abatement crew. then I let him graze for a half hour or so…..he has taken to going up to the front door to say howdy to Marie….

he was a perfect gentleman for the farrier and even stood well on the sore foot while she looked at the other three feet…..

Thanks Julie for coming out after hours to look at him….

he gets wormed tonight and will do the others while we are at it. little early for fall worming but going with zimectrin gold this time…..

progress is being made and we are on the road to recovery…..just a matter of time and care…

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