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Monday, August 15, 2022


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

bush hog paddock big bull 1…..open paddock big bull 2a…start mowing grass again….did the front and along the drive and the trailer lot….had dominoes pizza for supper….day turned pretty as the afternon progressed….temps were moderate…mostly sunny and no rain

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

another pretty day….supposed to be hotter today…..horses were near the open big bull pasture when I went to feed them….had to call them up the cow lane to get them to the stable….my right ankle was being problematic again…..it was swollen and sore so I just laid around on the sofa and let it rest…..didn’t even put a pair of jeans on today…..wore my sweats all day long Thursday, August 18, 2022 Another pretty morning….my ankle is much improved this morning….the flerd came right up the cow lane as soon as they saw me going toward the stable…..they are eating now…going to ashland feed store in a bit to restock some feed ingredients then home to resume grass cutting…….As I finish this days report it is actually Friday morning….just came in from feeding the mule and dispensing token snacks to the horses…..I did cut grass for a couple of hours and then I got a reminder of an event Thursday afternoon so I came in and took a bath and went to the event…so more grass cutting tomorrow.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday morning my ankle was initally pain free but now it hurts a little….I think it is getting better though….another pretty day but it is supposed to be warmer today…. Saturday, August 20, 2022 bush hogged big bull 2a and opened big bull 2b for the flerd…..then started mowing again with the riding mower.  Got the whole yard done this morning except for the trimming …..but that never ends….figured out that lace up shoes are agravatting my ankle…..by lunch time my right foot was sore again….spent the afternoon with my feet up and watching some of the old cowboy stars on the western channel.  gonna go do the afternoon feeding in a little bit

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Sunday was another do little day…the equines were in big bull field so I once agaian let them thru the shortcut around the old baarn site to go to the stable for their morning handout….they only get a morning handout becase Dixie is getting to be an older unit like me….so she gets to eat morning and night….the otheers just get a taste so they won’t feel neglected….Had a facebook memory pop us over tyhe weekend….it was a ten year old photo I took of Stewart riding Dixie when we went to Delaware to look at her….does not seem that could have been ten years ago…..we also stopped briefly at Wye Plantation on that trip….ankle is still being a little problematic but much improved over last week….did mow and close  big bull 2b and opened big bull 3a…..i have decided against sowing fall covers this year….save a bit of money and we have grass foujr feet tall that we are grazing now and i have alll fall for paddocks to regenerate. light rain in the afternoon…..I caught up on my randolph scott movies Monday, August 22, 2022 so far we have been a little slow this morning.  The day dawned dark and gloomy but now the sun has burned thru and it is warm and sticky….poured out a little over a tenth of an inch of rain from both gauges this morning…..went to best buy and bought a new laptopp this morning….still do not have it configured as I have to get verizon to help me connect my hot spot to the new laptop…..will try to do that wednesday after the balance doctor

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

my ankle is a little better this morning…..bush hogged lot big bull 3a and opened lot big bull 3b…..the horses were waiting for me at the old barn site gate this morning waiting for their morning handout….made a run to the transfer station and got some gas and diesel fuel while out….the store in beaverdam has off road diesel and it is about 50 cent per gallon cheaper than highway diesel…toOk a couple of bags of trash from the computer room….have another bag or two that needs to go in here….took a bunch of floppy discs and other storage medium that I now have no way to access…..stuff been sitting on shelves around here for about ten years….got a lot more junk to haul…..but my leg has started to fuss at me so I will sit it out for a while….about 11:30 in the morning I went into the kitchen to get a drink of ice water from the refrigerator…..saw a movement outside the kitchen window….turned to look and had a parade of wild turkeys going thru my baack yard not more than 20 feet from the house…..there were young ones and a couple of older ones….I counted nine but I didn’t see the first ones so I have no idea how many there were…..but i sure enjoyed watching them until they disappeared in the millet

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

well today was the long awaited visit back to the ear and balance center…..they put me thru a series of tests while looking for the problem…..the good news is they discovered the problem……the balance nerve in my left ear is not working….they opined that this was not a new problem….I agreeed and told them I have had some balance issues for years but it seems to have gotten worse lateley….doctor explained that my right ear had been compensating but was just not as efficient now as it used to be…..there is an option of balance therapy but he suggested waiting a while to see what happened and the theraphy needed to be at regional memorial which is a hike from here….suggested i avoid putting myself in compromising positions…..no climbing, no ladders etc….i agreed that I had already made those changes…..so now it is about 2:45 and I am back home…..gonna try to finishe getting my new laptop set up……oh ankle has been im[proved so far today but still sore….at least it is holding me up…..may try to resume walking tomorrow…easy  stuff on the big track at PFP

Thursday, August 25, 2022

these new computers…….every one is different in how they store files and how to retrieve files……just spent fifteen minutes tryi ng to find this file on the thumb drive…..hopefully sucessful….did find severall instances where the old laptop continued to jump from cell to cell makig for some illogical reading…..mowed and closed big bull 3b and opened big bull 4a…..steering was weak on tractor so put some more hydraulic fluid in and then worked on fence for a good while…..discovered that the PPRC is having a ride at trevillians Saturday….gonna try to go…..ankle was much improved today but did no try any walking other than here around the farm

Friday, August 26, 2022

TRip to ashland today…..just routine stuff….cvs for prescriptions, walmart for  few staples, feed store for some low things, hardees for breakfast…..back home by 11:30 and began cutting grass….hooked the trailer for Saturday…..jess finally called….he had been in hospital for a ruptured eardrum but is out now and doing okay…..don’t know why this took up an extra line but afteer trying to fix it for fifteen minutes it still is not right…..then suddenly it fixed itself and erased my entry so for for saturday

Saturday, August 27, 2022

did not go on the pprc ride today…..woke up feeling less than stellar….then the weather guy called for a lot of heat….my foot was hurting again….i just decided not to go…got plenty to do around here ….cut grass most of the morning….got most of the riding mower stuff done….still need to do the old garden plot and the push mower trimming…..has gotten pretty warm outside.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday morning…..pete is pretty lame on left hind….have not picked it up yet to investigate…..dont have a soaker big enough to put on him…had one but lost it  in the barn fire…..mowed the old garden plot while the horses were eating…then left the three big ones in the old barn field that was partI have a sore toe that my shoes hurt so I sat on the sofa with the fan blowing warm air and just watched tee vee…..did open the old garden plot and mowed it with the riding mower…..that grass grow so quickly and thick that the push mower just can’t handle it anymore…..i just mowed it a few days ago…..as soon as I get my gammagrass planted I will let the flerd have the area


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