Log entry 5/29/2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016 This morning I was determined to put the harness on MisS Star Baby and begin her education as a driving horse.  She was not thrilled but she did real well….took me a while to figure out the harness and make all the adjustments…today we just worked on her learning how to wear it and basic commands…whoa, back, gee rournd, gee over, haw round, haw over…about 50 per cent she would gee and haw over on voice command…made good progress…did not drive her but simply walked her and practiced commands.  I reckon we walked about two miles and never left the little lot we were in…we both worked up a good sweat….later at supper she asked me why I done that too her…I told her to reckon back a couple of years when she auditioned as a bucking bronc and put me on the ground and busted my ribs…then looked at me and said what are you doing down there old man?

first day in harness

below  is a shot of a single yellow sweet clover plant.  This is the second year for this plant…it started from seed last year and over wintered….in the second year it grows prodigiously and blooms and sets seed….In the second year it is deep rooted although this specimen is in a bucket.  I find it to be a difficult plant to grow and it certainly does not do well when broadcast…or at least it has not done well for me….   I spent a lot of time mowing grass and trimming this weekend…was trimming under fences today around the yard….Hit something and it stopped the mower…plulled it back to restart and had chopped up a big black snake….never saw him….but the grass is so tall I beeen wearing my judge all the time when I am outside….started raining about 4:00 pm and it is raining pretty hard now…Did get two paddocks seeded this weekend….If I have a couple of afternoons to work Star Baby maybe I can use her to drag the one I do next weekend.  Then to fix a sled for hauling stuff…yellow sweet clover

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