log entry 5/1/2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Knew that I had gotten pretty trifling but did not know it had been a year since I put anything in the log….fear not…I am not going to try to catch up here…spent the morning fixing fences…30 year old fences need repair frequently…repairing is sometimes more difficult than rebuilding…ceertainly not as pretty. Planted four big bertha peppers and four celebrity tomatoes in buckets yeasterday. cukes and squash are coming up but the crows are picking them off…we had a quarter of an inch of much needed rain Friday night…but still dry…reseeded ell 3c yesterday. plan on splitting wood this afternoon.

Monday, April 25, 2016
Went to Dayton and picked up Star Baby’s harness. Trip was uneventful…when I got back I piddled in the garden till time to do chores. Weeded and resowed the carrots. Had a good crop of lambsquarter in them but not many carrots….cucumbers and squash were trying to come up but birds were picking them off at leaflet stage…found a lot of dead stems….replanted…filled in the peas where the dry weather had gotten them…watered everything.
Tuesday, April 26, 2016
back to work today….Started at 6:00 am setting up for the MWEE…finished by a little after eight..back to the office for a conference call at 9:00. after the conference call tried to catch up on things undone the last two weeks…then the computer internet went out….another digging crew had cut our line for the third or fourth time since the new courthouse project has been underway. Then at noon Marie called and we had a leak on the back porch. home to diagnose and disassemble…back to Ashland for parts and back home to make repairs…was not too tough…at least accessible….finished and fed the stock and now awaiting on supper and then a bath and most likely asleep on the couch.
Saturday, April 30, 2016
been a week…but I made it….Wednesday was the last day of MWEE and it was the day I had to teach Wetlands…Also had to do what I had been doing which was to assist in setup. Then I slipped on a wet hillside and fell in front of the very first class. Biggest injury was to my pride but I was sore for a couple of days. then after teaching we had to break down and haul back to the office. Thursday and Friday were back in the office to try to catch up. This morning my plan is to find a place to hang the harness and then go to the feed store. have not been in a couple of weeks so today will be expensive. supposed to be wet and rainy most of the weekend..been dry for a month and then starting Wednesday evening we have had rain and hard at times…I have measured 9/10 of an inch so far. We really needed the rain as it was really dry. for most of April we had March winds and no rain…all the surface water was just evaporated…grass growth has been way behind.
Sunday, May 01, 2016
Well Saturday was eventful…got the things I wanted to do mostly done…temporary improvisation on hanging the harness…trips to two feed stores..got some more tomatoes planted…four rutgers…already have four celebrities…Found a broken post and drove a steel post in along side it to hold it up… found a broken fence and mended it…tried gripples and it worked great and so easy…two grazing paddocks one the goats have been in for two weeks and one the horses have been in for a week got seed broadcast and then drug a tire over them to get some soil to seed contact….Still have the splitter on the tractor as I have two more piles of wood that need to be spit before I put the bushog on the tractor….the goat lot had a big patch of barley that the goats did not graze and the tire laid it down in a nice mat…picked up my summer mix form Ashland Feed and Seed and a half and half mix of that and some cool season mix is what I broadcast in that paddock…Then at supper we looked out the back window and a turkey hen was in the horse paddock just seeded right behind the house…I sure hope I didn’t disrupt her nest in that barley patch but I walked all through it when broadcasting the seed and saw no sign…at supper Marie asked me what I wanted for Supper Sunday…I told her that I might cook a roast if I could remember to get one out of the freezer. She reminded me and when I got one the meat was not frozen hard…checked and the breaker was tripped. Long story short the freezer is okay but the circuit is bad and the wiring will have to be replaced…cogitating on how to best do that. It is now around nine am and the roast is in the crockpot…started raining last evening again and we had some nice showers to get my new seed and tomatoes off to a good start..aim to plant some more tomatoes next week….have noticed that my solar pump is not working…most likely the battery is dead…been several years since I did anything with it…solar panel charges the battery and a timer runs the pump for an hour a day to keep the tanks full. but that is a sunny day project and I have to get a new battery…never a shortage of work to do and only one old man to do it all…

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