Pretty weekend makes for a sore Monday

A pretty weekend in February….My goal was to ride a horse for a while….

But in my advanced age I often find myself carrying goals over…just too much work to do to take time to ride…And Perkins kept reminding me of things that needed doing…

I finally managed to assemble my economy compost bin and take photos and post them.

link to facebook posting with complete photos and information….

The bin is a welded wire livestock panel…to the panel I attached chicken wire using some hog rings….then I pulled the panel into a circle with the chicken wire on the inside and tied the two ends together with a piece of baler twine. I place it where I wanted it….filled it about a third full and placed a perforated pipe in it to provide air flow….then I finished filling it…this one was filled by turning my old pile that had stopped working…I need another one already for the rest of the pile…



Then back to the land clearing and wood splitting…Liking my new wood splitter…the pile is Sunday afternoons work and the wood all came form the pictured cleared area….this is the north end of a strip that is about 30 feet wide by 150 feet long that I have cleared and aim to plant to cover crops in March. I have one more big pine to take down and it has been saved because I have to take a ladder to get a cable up the tree to control the fall to keep it off of fences…No branches to get a cable over…

the photo shows some of the pine snags I have been dealing with….the upright one is nearly rotten and the log on the ground is nearly rotten as well….I will not waste time cutting them up and splitting…

Sunday Afternoons work

north end of the new clearing area

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