PDF LOG 1/19/2015

Friday, January 16, 2015 Farrier first thing this morning…did Star Baby and Perkins. Julie was a witness to Perkins shedding….other two still not but I am hearing scattered reports of other horses shedding now as well. Then began cutting wood…still clearing the strip in the front and still near the power line so getting a cable in the tree is still the hardest part….I have to figure out a better way of getting my throwing weight up over a limb than trying to throw it….and the little paracord will snag on anything and tie itself in knots which disrupt the throw as well….tried a fishing rod but it wraps around every twig and then hangs up….the sap is really running in the maple now…hauled two loads of old wood to the house. RMT worked 10 to 2….made her an appointment with dr…

Saturday, January 17, 2015 Made a dump run first thing and got some mulch….then a little computer work…figured out a way to get my power point for Tuesday finished without going to the office…then an excursion to Ashland Feed for Mineral and Kelp meal, the bank, walmart, tractor supply and hardees for lunch…Tractor Supply manager says my splitter should be in this week. Bought a screw clevis to make it easier to hook cable to trees…found a decent flashlight with a good beam on clearance at TSC for 9.99…trimmed the bush in front of the window…then resumed cutting wood…got almost every thing down in my selected strip and got it cut up….the new chain sharpening guides I bought really works well….took me a few minutes to figure it out but when I sharpened the saw it was cutting like a new one…throwing shavings….I do have a large oak to take down but I am not sure the tractor is big enough to pull it..and it leans some the wrong way……also a large pine…problem with it is no limbs to get a cable around….hate having them fall on the fence…weather both today and yesterday was tolerable for January….lille breezy but sunny and 40s. RMT working half day.

Sunday, January 18, 2015 woke up at 4:00 am done sleeping…got up and fixed breakfast and then put together supper in the crock pot….not sure what I am fixing as I just started putting stuff in there…2 lbs ground beef browned, some sliced up turkey pastrami, potatoes, onions, green pepper, corn, tomaotes, chillie peppers and chille seasoning and salt and pepper….had to quit as the pot was full…..raining outside a little bit now…was not raining at 4:00 when I took the dogs out…Posted a couple of soil things to the facebook pages…thinking of things I need to do but Thanks to MLK I have Monday to get some of it done…might watch football this afternoon if it is still wet and muddy outside….need to note that one evening this week I caught the biggest and nicest of the three roosters and put him with the hens in the tractor….He was very placid which I liked….plan is next time the banty hen sets I will put some of those eggs under her…RMT working half day today and tomorrow…….Finally stopped raining around noon….went out and we had a bunch of rain…don’t know exact as I had winterized the rain gauge….got some wood to the house and went to the feed store and hay the horses….settling in to watch the game…

Monday, January 19, 2015 I’m a Cowboy, On a Stihl horse I ride….at least three of the last four days…began the day by going over to check cows to see if any had their chalk rubbed off….things were looking good…today was pretty and nice and I cut down three big pine snags…these were big dead standing trees where the tree had died and the top fallen out….The biggest was about thirty feet tall and a good thirty inches in diameter…the other two were a little smaller…I cut them into log lengths and drug them to higher ground and cut them up….still have the biggest log from the biggest snag yet to deal with….ran out of time and energy….did the chores and came to the house in time for supper.

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