Transition to Fall


Yvette and Utah....cow and her yearling daughter

Yvette and Utah….cow and her yearling daughter

IMG_0608The past week has been a dramatic transition from the heat of summer to the pleasantness of Fall….the week after Labor day was pretty much the hottest week of the summer….but when it got cool ……it got cool….

Yvette and Utah....cow and her yearling daughter

Yvette and Utah….cow and her yearling daughter

Friday, September 12, 2014 five paddocks bush hogged and broadcast….back yard 1, along drive 3, new area 1, ell 4c, and bull lot 2….three different mixes but all had some of the new vetch……then started cutting grass…got the left front done….feed store run and mixed feed and seed.
Saturday, September 13, 2014 thought it was a PPRC ride day but it is next week…When I went out I saw that Xena had found her calf over night…nice little bull calf….we had breakfast at Cracker barrel, got flu shots at Martins, sheetz for gas…Roses and Walmart and dollar tree and bought some $1.00 books.  misting rain in the afternoon….tried to assemble my new weather station which was my consolation prize for 15 years of service at the district but I need 7 lithium ion AA batteries.
Sunday, September 14, 2014 made  the bacon wrapped chicken that I found a recipe for this week….put it together in the morning and Marie baked it in the afternoon….qualifies for a do over… day so I started cutting firewood….had a heck of a time felling a big pine that when it hit the ground just disintegrated…then found a dead maple and it made nice firewood….hung my right foot on a branch and fell over a log and barked both shins….hurt like the devil but nothing busted and I did not fall on the double bit axe I was carrying….well I did but I made sure it was out in front of me when I hit the ground which meant I could not catch myself…..cut grass in the afternoon…..need to go to work so I can get some rest….beautiful fall day and I would liked to have ridden a bit but just to much to do….still have not finished cutting grass and will need to start over in a few days….

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