Pete progress

No photos today…8/20/2013. just a brief progress report on Pete….

Monday evening he saw me pick up the buckets with the soaked beet pulp and greeted me with a loud whinny…..

That whinny got Star Babies attention and she galloped to the stable….Perkins trotted along behind.

The brush abatement crew is a serious challenge to Pete in competition for his groceries…..they gobble theirs down and then try to steal his….So last night I let him out into the yard and pulled his feed pan out as well….

He followed me around until I put feed in his pan….after eating he walked around the yard a little bit….he is walking much better but is still lame in the off front….He even ran a bit very briefly playing with the dogs.

I thought he would graze as there is an abundance of grass in the yard and it needs mowing again already but is too wet to mow….he grazed a little but mostly just investigated and looked things over…..

he could not have been too hungry as he had consumed a half bale of hay yesterday, leaving little waste….and Pete is not a big horse….

I lef thim out and went to feed the bull calves….when I came back and was in the stable hanging more hay for him …here he comes walking into the front side of the stable….he had figured out where the feed comes from…..I went ahead and let him back inot the stall that he has run in access to.

I have ordered his vaccines and a round of fall wormer for everybody from Jeffers….should be here today….

Was tickled to see that the brush abatement crew was still in the lot where they had been placed….the panel additions worked and better news is that they have not challenged the electric fence on the back side of that lot….there is hope…

also moved the cows to the next summer cover grazing strip….they had really cleaned up the first one more than I had anticipated….but they did tread down a lot of stalks and residue….when they finish that field I will resow it with fall cover crops…..our fall seed shipment should be here within a week.

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