Grazing update 4/2/2013

As promised I took the camera to the field last night when I changed grazing stips. Now you have to suffer the consequences.
this first shot is some Wheat and vetch overseeded into a bull pasture….I split this paddock and opened it for the two long yearling bulls last night….Dee Dee and Apache are cheking it out to make sure it is safe.


This is a closeup of the overseeded wheat and vetch. I did not know the vetch had started to bloom until I went in there to runt the polywire to divide the lot.


Star Baby saw me go to the grazing area and came thundering up behind me closely followed by Perkins


As you can see a strip is barely wide enough for a horse to turn around in…..


heads go down as soon as green grazable grass is reached….



this is the field that is being strip grazed by the horses right now….I think I have about sixteen days of grazing in this paddock right now not counting growth over the grazing time….


someone pulled up a turnip


someone bit this one and spit it out….The equines have not yet developed a taste for turnips….they will over time…at least other horse I have had did.


this is a shot of one of the pastures overseeded with Multi Species Cover Crops


yesterdays grazed strip and todays new strip


view down yesterdays strip. I told you it is six feet wide and 100 feet long approximately…not enough for them to get into grass trouble on….but enough for them to get started. I have four of these and the next division will be three strips 8 feet by 100 feet.


Waylon….poor shot…..he really is much better in his rear than this shot shows.


Walker….Walker is pretty correct but he is destined for the freezer…Young bulls have been some of the best beef we have ever put in the freezer.


Waylon is preparing for his date in May with Mrs. Gassers cows.


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