Grazing strips…getting started late this year…

I finally opened the first grazing strip for the horses last night..4/1/2013…We have had such miserable weather that grass and crops have just not grown….Perkins was the first to recognize that I might be heading somewhere beneficial and he tucked his head under my arm and followed me as I walked up the lane.  Star Baby was not going to be left behind and she cam trotting along after us….The Mini Donks followed suit.

When Perkins recognized that a wire rope gate had been moved his head went right down and he bagan grazing.  Star Baby nipped him out of the way so she could access the grass as well….When last seen they were all four spread out across the narrow grazing strip and happily munching away.

These little strips will mean daily moves for a week or so.  I will try to take some photos of the first move this evening.  Won’t move a fence until tomorrow evening.  Will try to do a better job of keeping the blog up to date this year.




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