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Thursday, August 11, 2022

the donkeys again got into the garden plot…..this time one of the little stinkers grazed some of my eastern gamma grass plants that I have started from seed….some of them even were pulled out of the cups….red solo type cups….what was amazing is the volume of the roots….the bottoms of the cups were  a mass of roots and the soil for the most part was tightly bound.  I put them all back and watered them well and I think they are going to be okay…..when I plant them next month I will try to remember to take some photos….only a couple of weeks away now……my ones i dug up from root shoots from my older plant and transplanted to five gallon buckets have grown like thunder and I will have to put them in the ground somewhere as well…..one of them even bloomed this summer….i have four of these in buckets and 42 in cups

Friday, August 12, 2022 .

Today I had to wait until after lunch to get any mowing done….grass was wet….so I let the flerd into the yard to work on grass…they really do help but it is not nice and even…..did a lot today but nothing major….cut back the grapes and the blackberries and mowed around them with the push mower…..the grass in the old garden patch was simply more than poor hop sing could handle….so i had to take loose a panel to gt the riding mower in there to finish mowing….gonna let the rest of the yard go til Monday…..my neice is playing in a tennis tournament in ashland sunday, so I am going to go and watch her..these are the USTA mid atlantic regionals..never seen her play and she is supposed to be pretty good…she has been to national tournaments….she and her husband have both been instructors

Saturday, August 13, 2022

made a forAy into ashland this morning…..needed some new shoes so I went to walmart to see what they had….bought some bedroom shoes and some  rubber slip ons.  When  I got back I bush hogged the upper tank field and let the horses into the old barn area and opened big bull 1 for them….on the way back out i found where the lightening strike a couple of days ago  happened…..there was a tall pine fifty or sixty feeet behind the house and on the back side it had a lightening scar from top to ground.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

got up early and went to ashland to watch Jennifer play….she is part of a team but she was playing singles and won her first match….she had about a two hour layoff and then played another match….i did not stay for the second match   I came home and took a two hour nap


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