PDF LOG 44765

  today was warmer thaN  yesterday….it was 98 at one time here today….but it was not unbearable….this morning I painted the back side of the panels I started painting yesterday…..then hop sing and I did  a little trimming until one of his front wheels fell off…..just needs a new lock nut…I remember when I was a little kid my cousin, David, and I cut my grandmothers grass……with an old reel type push mower….it took both of us to push it….now that was hot work….she also rigged up some rope harness so that we could pull the cultivator thru her half a acre of garden…..but that was generally easier than pushing that reel mower….went to Dominoes this afternoon and got pizzas for a couple of days meals….they had a sale of some sort so I got two….they have improved greatly since the last time I got one…..I even called them back and complimented them on the pizza quality today……had sausage and green pepper today….the other one is pepperoni and black olives…..

7/24/22 had typed nearly a paragraph and this dad gum computer just deleted i all…..try again….last night on the idiot box Dennys played a commercial about a breakfast summer slam special several times…..decided I wanted to try it…..was worth the trip….I have long thought they made as good a pancake as anyone in the business…they were veeery good and the hashbrowns, fried eggs, bacon and sausage were icing on the cake…..from there I went to ace and got some locknuts for hop sings wheels….gonna go out in  few minutes and fix em and go back to cutting grass.  I did put in a good sized load of sweaty stink work clothes and they are in the dryer now…need to do some cleaning in this dirty old house….naw….I would rather stand in the blazing sun outside.  the day ended with a rusing thunderstorm and the electric blinking off….after the storm passed thru,  we had a half inch of rain in no more than ten minutes….i rode the local roads trying to find where the damage was but did not see it even though there was loads of debris on the roads…power came back  on at about 8:05….found out this morning that the busted wires were about six miles from here toward beaverdam proper

7/25/22 a do little day….mostly watched tee vee…

7/26/22 not yet gone outside this morning…it is some cooler but still sticky humid…..ended up spending a good part of yesterday scheduling tests for my balance….did not awaken this morning until 7:15…..I think I am learning how to do this retirement thing….poured out another tenth of an inch from overnight….then while i wass feeding the mule it started to rain again and has been raining for over two hours now…scattered passing shower my big old butt….looks like an all day rain to me…stuck in here doing laundry and other domestic chores….was thinking about going to one of the parks and taking a walk….but not in the rain….been too hot the last three or four days….temp is finally tolerable and it is steady raining….at least it is good for the pastures….but I will have to start mowing lawn again when it stops raining….have not finished from last week yet….rained for several hours and we had another three tenths….then Luke came and filled tims nitrogen tank….sun came out so after lunch I went to Poor Farm Park to walk…got a little more than a half mile from the car and it started to rain again….made it back to a pavillion and had to wait out a 15 minute rain delay…after it stopped I thought it was not done rainingso figuring that while I was close I went to walmart for some milk and hot dogs for APACHE….while I was in there another storm rolled thru and rain on the walmart roof was deafening..I had to wait at the door for the rain to slack up enough to get to my automobile……home now and it won’t rain again until I stick my nose out the door again…


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