5 25 2021 blog update

Today was the best day I have had since the surgery.
Apache and I started the day with a walk at Poor Farm Park.  We did the perimeter loop that is becoming our  regular trail because we can knock out at least three miles without having to backtrack….any backtracking or extra loops is just more mileage….today we did the loop counter clockwise and did a total of 3.50 miles….

We also did it at a good pace and at one point were travelling at 6 miles per hour.

The nice thing is, that I noticed that my endurance is improving….I can now power thru stuff that just a couple of weeks ago had me stopping to catch my breath.

And a couple of weeks ago when I stopped to catch my breath my Pulse was pounding in my ears……none of that this week

Above is a shot taken along the trail this is going counter clockwise on the perimeter loop

Apache was ready to go….one thing I have learned lately is that he loves the water.  Since it has gotten warm I let him go to the stream to get a drink.    He plunges right in and is happy to swim…I don’t dare let him off the rope though as he would be off on all sorts of adventures.

We got our walk in and we’re back home by 10 15

Next I fired up the tractor and cleaned the accumulated manure out of the third stall in the stable.  This stall had two full loader buckets.   One more stall in the stable and then I will start on the cow barn.

Then I bush hogged paddock c4 and opened up the pine lot for the calves.

On the way back I happened to catch sight of one of my gamma grass plants.  So I snapped a picture of it.  Worthy of note is that last week Diva had grazed this plant down to about 12 inches in height…..now a week later it is about 30 inches tall again.

The beauty of these plants is that once they get established they are deep rooted, self sufficient and extremely productive.

They do take some time to get established…

I also have a small patch of big blue stem that is showing promise this year…..I am letting it compete with the weeds to see how it does.

Above is a shot of the gammagrass.   This is just one plant….
That is a standard Dare brand electric fence post near it for reference.

Jim Tate
Pipe Dream Farm
Beaverdam, Va

One comment on “5 25 2021 blog update

  1. James Faulkner says:

    Hi Jim

    Well I was just thinking about you a few days ago wondering why I hadn’t seen anything lately. Sorry you have had such a tough time….sounds like a hard way to lose weight but I bet it feels better to be exercising. My father-in-law had that carotid artery cleaning and it did a number on him also. In his case they nicked a nerve and he had to learn to eat/swallow again…it was a mess.

    I’m one of your friends that stays as far away from facebook as possible…I’m not a registered user…..so maybe that’s why I’ve missed some of your writings in addition to your hospital trips.

    Funny thing you mentioned the flip phone. I still carry my flip phone all the time because it fits in just about any pocket neatly. I use my smart phone for Sirius, navigation, email and in a pinch some web browsing….the screen is just too small for me and I’m always touching something on the screen and going places I didn’t intend. I got an iPad with a case that has a keyboard….it’s worked out pretty good and is a great backup if my home wifi fails.

    I liked your red hot pokers…I have a few of them but not as nice a display as yours. The wildflowers looked good too. Are the red flowers poppies?

    Glad to see you back in the saddle.

    All the best

    Jim >

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