Holiday Joy

Sunday, July 03, 2016………………………. Typical Holiday weekend….Holidays have always presented me with trying times…it seems like the fates store up stuff and then dump em on me when they go off for a holiday….

Started out Thursday evening with the well pressure Tank going bad…but bless his heart, Zack Stern with New Day Mechanical got us going again with an evening service call. In the process he updated a lot of old junk plumbing and simplified everything….

I promised him I would take a picture of the stuff that came out and send it to him but I have not yet had a chance

Marie informed me Thursday night that she had to be at the hospital by 9:30 Friday morning to be admitted for her leg……….Took her in Friday morning and it took half a day to get her in a room and settled…………the first 24 hours were tough as they gave her something for pain and it caused her to be sick to her stomach and it took a while to figure out what was doing it.

Julie Vican was kind enough to rearrange her day and fit me in in the afternoon rather than Friday morning…It was a regularly scheduled appointment but Pete is lame with an abcess…

When I got home Saturday my friend Court Warfield was sitting in the driveway with some food for me from his wife Andie…it was frozen so I put it in the refrigerator to thaw and have not eaten any of it yet…Maybe for supper tonight.

Marie has her regular doctors looking after her and they called in a wound specialist and he is running cultures and changed her antibiotic to an iv 4 times per day….I was there Sunday morning when doctor Brown came in to look at it and he was very pleased with the improvement….

Dr. Gonzales, the wound doctor had not been in yet when I left this morning. She is real homesick and so I am going to take the dogs to see her tomorrow….I will call when I am on the way and her nurse will bring her down to see her dogs……..Apache misses her and he keeps going downstairs to look for her….. or a treat…but the treats come from her every time he looks at her

I cut grass all afternoon yesterday after I got back from the hospital…I did get some seed scattered on a paddock the calves had grazed…   the one the horse had been in is too wet to get the tractor in and there is so much residue that seeding it without mowing it would be a waste of time so I just changed the gates and left it alone..

This morning I went to the hospital and then to the grocery store….did manage to weigh the calves this afternoon……but rainy so I am trying to catch up on computer logs and stuff…..damned grass looks like it needs to be cut again…..more proof that the number one nutrient is water…I have the old aquaponics experiment tank that has nothing but gravel and water in it and it has a great summer cover crop growing on it…I just sprinkled some of the cover crop seeds on the gravel….in the residue of last falls rye and vetch cover crop in the same tub.

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