Normal goings on…

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 been a while since I made an entry in the log…Marie had double hernia surgery today….she came thru in well and they sent her home the same day…we were home by 5:30. got her settled and did the chores and then made a run to the pharmacy to get he prescriptions filled. got home and she was prowling around in the kitchen.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 I had a dr appointment today so I slept in and had time to get Marie set up the way she wanted and then went to the doctor and on to work…called mid day and Marie said she was fine…when I got home she had my supper ready. Dr. was a little bitchy…I had gained eight pounds and he fussed at me like I was a pregnant woman…I told him that I could lose five lbs in a good days work….

Friday, April 17, 2015 I went back to the chripractor today…this was the third visit….I am going for a pain in the neck but her treatment is making my hands so much better that I keep going back…the pain in my hands from the rheumatoid is not half of what it was before I went to the chiropractor…she loaned me a little portable electro theraphy unit to try for the weekend and I will try it tonight….picked up prescriptions for both Marie and I and stopped by the Ashland feed store…got some more peppers and two more tomatoes…one big boy and one mortgage lifter….already have a dozen tomatos planted and eight peppers…came home and planted the new stuff and alos planted cucumber, squash and zuchini…cranked the push mower and mowed the front up along the road…set up the horses to graze the yard around the barn…got up to near 80 degrees today…Court weaned calves this morning…they were working them when I got back from Ashland.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 Saturday morning and Marie wanted to go out to breakfast…so we went to Dennys and swung by Walmart to pick up a couple of things she wanted….one city girl trait that Marie has never abandoned is the desire to go to a store every day. Stopped at three places looking for a single cayene pepper and a single cherry tomato….no one had them…I could buy a six pack but who needs six of those two plants…. She handled the travel pretty well and actually ate some of her breakfast…Marie is not a big eater and always marvels at what I eat….even after all these years and my reduce intake. let the horses into the yard around the barn again while I cut more grass….the portable electro therapy unit….Doc said it was not as powerful as the office model….but I found it to be much sharper and it would make my ears wiggle at half power….had some trouble keeping the sticky electrodes on my neck…that is my only complaint about it…Doc said I could use it doing normal activity…I have trouble getting the ones on my neck to stay on just sitting on the sofa….tonight I am going to try to put those lower on my neck nearer the shoulder….between the electro theraphy and my new compression gloves the hand are not throbbing as badly.

Sunday, April 19, 2015 Sunday evening now…this morning I set up the grazing lots for the horses for at least the next ten days…moved the goats back up to ell1…cut down, cut up and piled the brush from a good sized hickory….put the spear on the loader and fed a round bale to the calves that Court has weaned……they were songful Friday night and Saturday but they are pretty quiet today…..did the chores and had supper and then put together a pot of ground beef and beans in the slow cooker for tomorrow…Sprinkling this late afternoon…I can hear rain on the roof right now.,,,,,,guess I will go hook up the charger and recharge my batteries…wonder if it will work on my legs,,,,I am so tired that my thighs are claiming that my feet weight a hundred lbs a piece… Marie…she is doing laundry right now…..

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