This day is already a stinker

This day is already a stinker…..

I got up at my usual time this morning about 4:20. No I don’t know why….it is an old habit established years ago when I used to have to drive to Maryland to go to work… was easier just to get up early every morning….now the dogs are used to it and even if I don’t set the clock they are going to wake me up about that time…..

This morning the clock and Apache both went off at one time…the clock with its beep beep beep, and Apache by bumping me with his front paws…..

So I got up and trundled down stairs….opened the front door and looked out and did not see any evidence of lions tigers or bears or any snakes on the porch….don’t laugh…we have had enough of them over the years that snake checking in the dark is also a long established habit……


So I let the dogs out and they scurried off to their preferred spots to attend to nature….

I stumbled into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker and the Tee Vee and grabeed a dog bone for the dogs….

Headed back to the front of the house and caught the new and unmistakable essence of Kitty De Woods…….Pepe Le Pew…..a damned skunk…..


Thank goodness I smelled it before I opened the door……I then set off on a quest to find the Natures Miracle Skunk formula….I knew we had some but had no idea where it was….finally found it and a rag and steeled myself to go outside and deal with it…..

Actually it was not too bad….Dee Dee seemed to have not been involved as a nose directly over her head was not offended…Apache was another story….But he was not awful….just a little stinky…. Apparently he did engage Pepe in combat and a little stink sent him on his way….


I recalled some former skunk encounters….My first Aussie, Monte, hated a skunk and he would kill every one he found….He even developed a method of killing them without getting sprayed….I never did figure out how he did that….

Then there was the new years night a while after the turn from the old year to the new year when I let the dogs out and all three of them had battled a skunk….I did not scent it until I opened the door and all three raced in…..that was long night….. now don’t remember the year so I can not testify whether or not the whole year ended up stinking.

One time the Gator Girls Tana and Tee Tee had a tug of war with one right in front of the front porch….the whole house got sprayed…..

Anyhow armed with the Natures miracle I went out and wiped Apache and Dee Dee down with it….that is one good product….nothing will erase the essence de wood kitty but with the natures miracle you can at least make it bearable….I treated Apache twice more and got him pretty thoroughly wet which is the key….

Then when I went out to my van to come to work, I realized that it was in the area of the encounter….Fortunately half our staff is on Vacation because as I sit here in the office I detect that I also have a slight tinge of natures awful essence clinging to me…I am spraying myself with Lysol and hoping no one important stops by to see me today…think I will turn my fan on and share the joy……

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