cover crop checks 4 23 2013

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I was doing cover crop checks this afternoon to asure compliance with cost share regulations….

Most of the producers has already sparyed to kill the cover crops and planted corn. Some corn was up and seemed to have survived yesterdays frost.

Two farms put on a brilliant display shown in the photos below.

Jim Clay has the only stand of Blooming tillage radishes that I know of. I know that mine winter killed as well as the oats. Jim does not have any oats apparent but he has loads of radishes that are blooming like crazy. In this first photo I tracked the flowers down to the radish root to be sure that is what was blooming….

tracked the white flowers down to the radish

This was just a shot of the small grain and grasses at the Isbells Keenbell Farm.
small grain at Keenbell

Jim planted both the 4 way mix and the nine way mix….in the nine way mix the rape has overtopped everything else just as it has at my house..
rape takes over the nine way mix

The blooming heads of the rape are nearly four feet tall..
rape is nearly 4 ft tall

here is a closer shot of the Clay Radish and crimson clover and triticale….radish, crimson clover and triticale

KeenBell are intensive grazers and move the cattle daily. In the strip you can see yesterdays grazing , todayd s grazing and the future days grazing….CJ said it is 18 inches tall.
keenbell moving daily

Keenbell is grazing their cover

keenbell grass

intersection of the 4 way mix and the nine way mix at Jim Clays…

Five acres of the nine way mix.
five acres of the 9 way mix

At Keenbell the Crimson Clover and the Triticale seem to have dominated the stand. not sure why as this is the only place I saw this happen.
crimson clover and trtiticale

Clay 4 way mix
fifty acres of the 4 way mix
about fifty acres of this

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