Grazing strips 3 17 2013

 setting up horse grazing strips on the Ides of March 2013…strips are approximately 6 feet wide by 100 feet long and are targeted to be grazed for one day and then rested for about 60 days. I set up five strips and the next set will be about 9 feet by 100 feet. then we will go to four strips that will be about 15 feet by 75 feet. 12 days grazing using a few rolls of poly wire in one 1/2 acre lot. The grass is already 8 inches tall and will recover rapidly by limiting the stress on the grass. I also protect my horses from grass founder by limiting the daily intake. takes me about ten minutes to move a poly wire fence and make a new grazing strip or lot. I can not tell you how much this improves your grass. Yes I can….this paddock has not had any lime or fertilizer in going on four years….do you have grass like this.? all it takes is grass management and rest for the grass. mother nature will do the rest.
view down the strips view down the strips 2 view across the strips the strips the grass Star Baby moves Perkins Along and Dee Perkins tries the other is closed too. Open the Damned Gate inspector Dee Dee hurry up Boss, Apache is calling us adjoining strips a reel some polywire and a gate handle

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