A helmet would have prevented that !!!!!


Many of you over the last few years have been kind enough to share with me your opinions on how much safer I would be if I only wore a helmet while riding my perfectly dependable old gelding Palladin Perkins.

I had an incident over the weekend where I had an aha moment………..

I was walking on a wooden sidewalk early in the morning with my cowboy boots on and I was carrying an item that was not heavy but it was in both hands. I stepped on a frost patch on the sidewalk and my first clue that something was amiss was when I saw the toes of my boots in front of my face.

The second clue was the crashing thud of me landing on the sidewalk.

The third clue was the intense pain in my right rear ribcage.

As I lay there gasping for breath that would not come, my first thought was how bad is it…….

And I can not help it but my second thought was, “if I had only been wearing a helmet.!!!!”

Same area I crashed on the last time I came off of a horse. Yep…no helmet then either.

yeah…something is busted….I can not tell if it is bone or just torn cartlidge or muscle. Have been hearing a popping sound internally for 24 hours and last night something gave loose. Now it hurts a bit. Not much can be done about it anyway except ease around and not put undue pressure or strain on it.

It hurts enough that I sure wish I had been wearing a helmet. What can I say…If only I had been wearing a helmet…..

 A man oughta do what he thinks is best….John Wayne as Hondo Lane
Jim Tate   
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